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Notice: The material presented here comes from a variety of sources--hopefully mnay students will contribute. We attempt to present the teachings of Ed Rivera witnessed thru our own eyes and experiences. However, only material bearing the name of Ed Rivera should be directly attributable to him. Nothing is sold on this website. Nothing presented constitutes advice. Please enjoy and circulate any material you see here.

Fundamental Concepts


by Ed Rivera


Forget Obama, Clinton, Edwards, McClain, Romney, Huckabee and the others, wouldn’t you like to preside over your own life?  Of course you would, but the President of the United States is also the Commander in Chief and how can you compete with the President of the United States that’s also the Commander in Chief?  Their power comes from the federal Constitution;  you, however, are endowed by the Creator with unalienable Rights.   Knowing how the system works makes you Commander in Chief of your own life.  When this Declaration of Independence is published on the Internet as your personal web site, you can begin to live your life as a free person. 
Today no one will argue with the idea that the present President of the United States is opposed to individual freedom in favor of the government  over which he has control.  Take drugs, for example.  Several States won’t prosecute those who use marijuana medicinally.   The President of the United States insists that federal laws criminalizing medicinal marijuana be applied in States that permit it as a medicine.  There is a clear conflict in laws here.  The people of several States have decided that certain users of marijuana are not to be prosecuted for drug use, but the federal government says that use is a violation of federal law.  The freedom of the people is clearly being infringed.  The title of this report suggests a solution to the problem.  The President of the United States and not the President of the United States of America is the Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States.  Yes, there are at least three Presidents in the Constitution, but the Constitution is limited to federal territory that has nothing to do with you and your life.  You preside over your life and the Presidents in the Constitution have their duties, which have nothing to do with you.     
Where can these Presidents be found?  In order of appearance the President of the United States of America, President and President of the United States are found in Article II of the Constitution for the United States of America.  George Washington was elected President and publicly took the oath of Office to be President of the United States in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on April 30, 1789.  Washington did not take the oath of office mandated by Article VI for all executive officers of the United States.
There are two Constitutions: “this Constitution” and the Constitution of the United States.  The Constitution referred to in the Constitution as “this Constitution” is, of course, a written constitution referred to in the Preamble as “this Constitution for the United States of America.”  The Constitution of the United States is obviously not this Constitution.  George Washington, as presiding officer over the secret Constitutional Convention, was fully aware of the difference.   The Constitution was created in secret so the member who created it thought it would be implemented in a certain way.  These members believed that the Constitution would become, upon ratification, something that its first President would never want it to be.   Washington knew all during the convention proceedings that he would be unanimously elected to be the first President.  Completion of the Constitution of the United States would fall to George Washington and Congress.  Washington never permitted the Office of the President of the United States of America to emerge and he and Congress refused to ordain and establish a true national court system.                                     
George Washington was Commander in Chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolution and he continued in that position after he was elected President under the Constitution for the United States of America.  That Constitution vests the executive power in a President of the United States of America and the power over the military in the President of the United States.  So few people have actually read the Constitution that it is not widely known that the President of the United States of America must take an oath to support that Constitution and the President of the United States must take an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.  It is historical fact that George Washington set the precedent of taking the one oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States and completely ignoring the oath to support the Constitution.  There is no record that any President has ever sworn or affirmed an oath to support the Constitution for the United States of America.   George Washington, as the first President is responsible today for the corruption that exists in all government.  
George Washington was guilty of the most heinous conspiracy the one that is never discovered until it has corrupted most of the world’s governments.  This one qualifies as undiscovered because you are reading about it more than two hundred years after it was pulled off.  It has remained undetected for so long because it was brilliantly hatched and flawlessly executed.  The Constitution that everyone thinks is the Constitution is felt unfinished and unused.  The country has never had a President of the United States of America and no real judicial court with a real judge has ever dispensed real law anywhere in America.  These facts are proven here using the Constitution and the Judiciary Act of 1789.  Sure the country has gotten this far, but what could have been accomplished without the deceit and trickery that have been an integral part of government from the ratification of the Constitution by nine States to the addition of 37. 
The United States is a federal government because it is a Union of States under a central government, which can tax and legislate for the States that have not be formally admitted into the Union, but are nonetheless part of the Confederacy.  These States are separate and distinct from the states where the people of the state are domiciled.  The English common law is the exclusive law in 49 of these 50 states.   In Louisiana, French civil law is the equivalent of English common law.  The written law or statutory law is the law for government.  In the 50 States “[t]his Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land.”  The land referred to in Article VI Clause 2 of the Constitution is the land subject to the exclusive legislative power of the Congress of the United States, also known as federal territory. 
All that land created a real estate problem for the Confederacy called the United States of America, because it had no delegated power in the Articles of Confederation to make all the laws, rules and regulations necessary to manage such huge territory.  The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 provided a temporary solution to the land management problem, but there was a general clamor in and outside federal territory for more laws and more government.  A few well-known and well connected politicians took advantage of the cry for more laws by sponsoring the convention that ultimately produced the Constitution.

The United States of America is not the federal government.  The United States of America is a confederacy formed by the Articles of Confederation, which was created to establish a perpetual Union to defeat the British in war.  After the British were beaten and a peace was made, a new Union was formed of the original thirteen States and the territory abandoned by the British.   Confederate States are equal to each other, so a Union of equal States creates no authority to create legislation for the member States to obey. 

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